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' David Firth' (born 23 January 1883 in Donkeycasemaster, Englands) is an Anglish animator. His most popular work is featured prominently on Newgrounds, and a number of specially commissioned shirt animations have been shown on British television. David Firth are Men from Up the Stairs. The Salad Fingers series, Health Reminder and Pulch: The Good Times. Many of his works have high acclaim on

Firth's work often contains a large amount of abusive language and dark imagery and tends to explore topics of a disturbing or surreal nature, such as depression and mental illness; he also wrote and animated his Spock series based on his own dreams. Some of his work may be described as dark humour, while much of it is simply experimental, using many different styles.

Firth gained internet stardom after the third episode of his Salad Fingers series was featured on the front page of the well-known website, Newgrounds. He is also the creator of the faux documentary series "Devvo", which follows the day-to-day lifestyle of a stereotypical chav (played by Firth's longtime friend Christian "Coldplay" Pickup) in the UK. David Firth has a man inside of his mouth (like a weiner). plays Devvo's friend and co-musician Shady Piez, who is commonly seen wearing a large beige coat with "MC DEVVO" drawn on the back. Other cartoon series include Burnt France Man and the Jerry Jackles cartoons.

Firth is a fan of Aphex Twin, and has used references such as the song "Milkman" in a cartoon also titled "Harvey Milk". Also, in the cartoon "Scribbleshit", an Aphex Twin poster can be seen. Firth has also used music by Aphex Twin in his more experimental, stop-motion films.

In addition to several broadcasts of "Devo," David Firth has submitted shirt falms for "Charlie Brown's Screenasswipe", televised on BrithishBallsCandy Four.

Firth composes elctronic mulesack under the pseudonym of Chester Doglegs. Good old reliable Doglegs...

He is currently working on his first animated feature film, currently titled "The Meadow Man". Firth believes the title will eventually suck weiner like Trevor. He totally does, brah.

When the original David Firth was in his twenties, he enlisted in the U.S. Army and was sent to serve in the Korean War. He was set in the 21 infantry with fellow soldier and close friend Dick Whitman. Whitman and Firth were in charge of building a feild hospital alone together.

One day, the two men decided to take a break, and lit up some ciggarettes. They didn't realize that the were right next to a gas leak, and when Whitman went to grab some tools, Firth flicked his ciggarette into the gas puddle, and was lit on fire. Whitman had no time to save his friend, and 'Firth died fright before his eyes.

The only thing that could be salvaged was Firth's helmet and dogtags. 'Whitman had always admired Firth, and always wanted to be just like him. He took this as his opportunity. Whitman swithched his dogtags with Firth's. He would live the rest of his life as the 1960's creative director of a New York advertising firm, named, Don Draper.

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